Parent Tips


1.  Remain Calm!


2.  Go over the SC DMV Drivers Handbook together. You can view the manual here:


3.  Set a good example - stay at or under the speed limit, make complete stops, keep the phone put away, etc.


4. Let your child observe you driving and explain to them what you are doing and why you are doing it - which lane to use, who has right of way, other drivers mistakes, etc.


5.  Enroll in the Drivers Education course. Take the 8 hour classroom portion early, around the time that the beginner permit is obtained. Spread the 6 hours of behind the wheel lessons over the time that they are learning so that the last lesson is near the time that they plan to take the driving test.


6.  Start out with short practice sessions. 20 to 30 minutes and increase the time as they gain experience.


7.  Start in an empty parking lot such as a school or church and familiarize them with the vehicle controls, smooth starts and smooth braking, making smooth turns with turn signals.


8. Once they are comfortable in the parking lot, move to a large neighborhood where they can practice maneuvering, stopping, and making smooth turns at slow speeds.


9.  From the neighborhood, move to rural secondary roads and country roads. Concentrate on keeping the car centered in the lane and maintaining a steady speed on hills and curves.


10. In the beginning you will probably need to instruct your child when to start slowing down, when to put on turn signals, when to go, etc.  As they gain experience, allow them to begin to make these decisions on their own and correct them when necessary.


11. From the back roads move to four lane highways.  The main emphasis will be on staying in the driving (right) lane except when passing or turning left and making proper lane changes.


12. From here begin driving into more urban areas in town during times of lower traffic. Emphasize the need to watch out for other bad drivers and practice turning and going through traffic lights.


13. Lastly proceed to the interstate, concentrating on accelerating prior to merging onto the interstate and maintainig speed while traveling. Wath out for work zones!


14. Throughout the training other things you can work on as the situation arises are backing, simple parking, maintenance, etc.


15. Do not worry about the maneuvers required on the driving test - 3 point turn, 100 foot backing, parallel parking, parking on a grade. They will learn these in the drivers education course and can then practice with their parent.


16. Remain Calm!


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